Samples for Rental & Pull

Availability of samples may change, depending on current stock. Please inquire which samples are in/of out of studio at the time of inquiry.

Pulls are only available for the following: photoshoots, video shoots, performances, celebrity/red carpet events and convention appearances.

General Pull Terms:

1. It Is Known does not maintain a showroom at this time. Our digital portal functions as our online showroom.

2. Unless otherwise agreed, all loans and pulls must be done by tracked and insured USPS priority mail, with Fedex or UPS at the client's discretion.

Medium domestic USPS packages (1-3 items with signature confirmation and insurance): $14-20.00 each way

Large domestic USPS packages (3-5 items with signature confirmation and insurance): $20-30.00 each way

Local Drop-off/Pick up:

Local pick-up and local drop-off is requested, pick-up and drop-off will be done in midtown Manhattan only, between 38-40th street and 5th to 7th avenues or in the LIC (Long Island City) area or at a studio in Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan only.

We do not do local pick-up and drop-offs in the Bronx, Staten Island, New Jersey, or outside of the NYC metropolitan area.


1. Your credit card will be charged at the time of booking for the retail value of the item. You will receive a receipt for tax purposes with all terms of the pull stated and a return-by window. Payment of the invoice will be considered a signature/binding agreement to all terms and fees.

2. When the item is returned safely and in good condition, you will be refunded the cost of the item minus the pull fee (stated below each item). Items must be postmarked within the 7-day mail-back period or late fees will apply. Pull fees may be waived at the discretion of It Is Known, and only for items returned in a timely manner and in excellent condition.

3. Late fees: Items retained for more than a week past the pull date will be charged an additional 5% of retail value.

4. Items returned damaged (scratched/stained/broken) will be charged between 25-100% of the retail price, depending on the degree of damage. Please pack items in the provided sample bags to prevent damage and do not mix the items together.

Bra in champagne (recommended for A-B cup, can be adjusted)

Belt in champagne styled with bellydance skirt by Opal Moon Designs

Champagne chest armor

Champagne belt

Headpiece in champagne

Handflower in champagne