Collaboration (TFP/Test) Inquiry

It Is Known regularly works with other creative brands to create imagery that captivates the imagination, with a special focus on fantasy, historical, avante-garde and conceptual work. In the past, we've worked with models, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, SFX artists, location scouts, retouchers, videographers, directors, venue owners and publicists: all of these people are a vital part of any creative process: nobody stands alone.

Are you a passionate artist with an eye for detail?

Please get in touch: we'd love to meet you.

What does It Is Known do?

Roles and duties from past projects:


-Creative direction (many of the shoots on this site)

-Wardrobe Styling (most of the shoots on this site)

-Sourcing (props/location)

About Collaboration:

-It Is Known prioritizes collaborations with other like-minded people with the goal of creating exceptional work that elevates and uplifts all involved. If the work on this site resonates with you and reminds you of your own brand, please get in touch!

-We love other creatives with initiative. If you have exceptional contacts or unique locations/studio access to bring to a project, please get in touch!

-It Is Known is based in NY, NY: travel outside of NY, NY will be announced on the news page. Travel arrangements or mailing of items in NYC outside of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx must be arranged/discussed ahead of time.

-Please be considerate and professional in your communication: custom work and regular orders mean that we can't take on every test/trade project. We aim to respond in kind within 5 business days.

Collaboration (Test/Trade) Inquiry

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It Is Known is located in NY, NY (USA).
It Is Known is primarily seeking shoots with avante-garde/conceptual/fantasy/futuristic/historical themes as well as polished studio work.
It Is Known enjoys establishing relationships with other talented and passionate creatives. Feel free to use this box to say more about you (how you found us, your artistic goals, etc)